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The extra virgin olive oil produced only comes from olive trees in the Company located on hilly terrain of 450 / 520m / slm predominantly southwest, sunny and far from intensive crops.
The terrain on which they are implanted and of galestroso, terraced and in position acclive, with dry walls (totally recovered where they were built in the past centuries)

Tuscany and its fruits

The territory

Cultivation of the olive tree

Agricoltural Company

Over the years the agricultural land used as olive grove has been completely recovered.
By planting new plants and diversifying them.
It currently has about 4.5 hectares of specialized olive grove with about 1300 plants in varieties, Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino, and Pendolino.

“Man is like a tree, and in every winter he spreads the spring with new leaves and new vigor……. ….Life is a cell somewhat out of the ordinary, plus one is poor the more the square meters at its disposal.”


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