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Our history
To go back to the beginnings you have to go to 20/06/1997 when the spouses Sensi Albina and Comanducci Danilo
They acquired property and land properties near San Giustino Valdarno.
The property at the time of purchase extended for about 25 hectares located on the slopes of Pratomagno at a height of 400 to 550 s.l.m. These land included two typical Tuscan farmhouses.
The place was beautiful with a postcard landscape typical of our beautiful Tuscany.
Property in the past had been the habitual summer residence of one of the leading initiators of Neorealism, Vasco Pratolini. He used to go to San Giustino, just to dedicate himself to his work.
The property at the time of purchase was in a clear state of neglect both from the agricultural and housing point of view.
It is said that the last family that lived there was there until 1970, then moving from the agricultural world to the thriving industry industry, typical of those years.
Alba and Danilo, coming from different realities, but in love with the land where they lived, tried to reverse the cycle. They invested so much energy, material and personal effort into the company’s recovery. Incamming at that time with goals then unknown, but nowadays become a standard that everyone is appreciated and increasingly demanded
Then a small family-run farm was established, which immediately followed the path for organic production certified on 02/04/2001, which produces extra virgin olive oil
In the year 2000, the properties were restored and restored, keeping their original appearance typical of the place. At the same time, these premises have been adapted to internal facilities and facilities with the aim of utilizing them for agritourism, almost unknown at that time.

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